1. Expert fact-finding.
  2. Arbitration, Conciliation, Mini-trial,Mediation, Negotiation, etc.
  3. Better solution to business disputes.
  4. Guidelines for CADRT process.
  5. Training for arbitrators, Conciliators & Mediators and professional & industry advisors.
  6. Model contract clauses to build arbitration, Conciliation and Mediation into business relationships.
  7. Contact with other similar organizations in India and Abroad.
  8. Fixed fee packages for small disputes.
  9. An arbitrator is appointed to a particular case only after availability and conflict of interest checks are made. Arbitrators appointed are reminded in each assignment, of the strict Code of Ethics under which they are to conduct the arbitration.
  10. Assistance in encouraging reluctant parties to proceed with arbitration and An established format with a proven record.